Saturday, April 28, 2007

Marvellous Marvel

Goodness me they released 8 new superheroes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Need to pay and only available on xbox... sobsobsss... Me want.....


Thursday, April 26, 2007

For the good of mankind, I beg of you.

Aunty ah...

The fridge is so huge that I can chop you into cubes and fit you inside.

You want company? Why don't I chop your daughter into pieces and fit her inside too?

For goodness' sake I'm only taking up less than 25% of the fridge and you're complaining that I buy too much of crap?

You're the only one doing all the groceries shopping so I guess it wouldn't make me Albert Einstein to assume that EVERYTHING in the fridge is yours.

I'm not invading your space, you are the interloper.

And no, I do not want to go out every night (like you) to buy 1 drumstick and 1 can of beans just so that I can cook 1 drumstick and 1 can of beans tomorrow.

I buy more to keep so that I don't have to make bloody frequent trips to Safeway.

Basic economics aunty, opportunity costs.

I don't fuckin' mind sacrificing freshness in drumsticks but I do mind sacrificing my time and energy to walk out into the dark and all the way to Safeway (not to mention the cold weather) just to buy chicken drumstick.

So when I DO my shopping, rest assured, I'll use up my 25% of space and you won't have room to invade until my groceries are depleted.

Therefore, QUIT whining already!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Credits to Hiresh.

"Q: Why are all Australians pussies?

A: Cos they are down under." (Hiresh, 2007)


Monday, April 23, 2007

!#$!#%#%! 2401

forget wat i said earlier.... screw it not leaving tancube, not even if u want me to. bleh

lotsa stuffs happening these days. 2401 2401 2041 commercial banking and finance..

as mentioned by John Tan

4 greedy fellas
stupid system that is flawed
150 pages of report for us to read and 2000 words for us to write....

bravo guys *clap *clap....btw how's prison life going for the 4 of u? lotsa assignments there? i guess not. well, go on and have fun there

so yea thats wat majority of us are doing now, assignmnets

got assignmetn then test then assignment then test then exam.



Friday, April 13, 2007

Draw me up

You want me in girl's earrings?

In shades?

More shades?

More more shades?

With SpongeBob?

As Bruce Lee?

From webcam's point of view?

Or do you just like me better as baby Fai?

There, I've given you variety Mum. Draw me up.


Found this.

Not so furious!!! Rempit rempit rempit rempit ~~~~


Thursday, April 12, 2007


Howdy, carapace suited hell spawn.

As you should have noticed, I do not welcome interlopers within my territory with the warmest of smiles.

Have I not demonstrate extreme hostility against your airborne cousins?

Have I not done enough to fend YOU off?

So it all comes down to this aye?

To battle, I shall. Prepare to meet your doomsday.

Eat hazardous aerosol whipped cream, bitch!

And STAY dead, you nutless cockroach scumbag!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Give me a shot to remember

Blogging is a commitment.

It's like having to feed your pet goldfish everyday.

If you don't, it'll look like tasty machine guns and grenades to giant slime monsters in sewages.

Oh, that reminds me of Tupperware.

Freshness sealed in plastic goodness.

Mmm.... Spices? Nah we don't have em' here.

Unless you'd settle for Elven bread, would you?

Yes Mr. Lau taught me never to start a sentence with a butt.

But I'm starting it with a but.

Or did you mean start it with an assless?

However though, if you affix frogs and skirmishes to the already incomprehensible equation, you just screw everything.

Everything that ever made sense.


Damned amphibians.

Eat lead technology hellish demons!!

Ooooo seafood platter... Charge, utensils!!


De-de-de-de holy crap!! Is that a crab?!

At first it looked like this. (31st March)

A big lump on the shin in case you haven't already noticed.

3 days later... (3rd April)

The lump subsided and evidence of a bruise was just painfully obvious.

5 more days of staying-in-my-room-can't-go-anywhere-except-the-toilet-and-kitchen and voila! (8th April)

Considering X-ray and a cast if negative development persists.

Har har, very funny guys... Ok c'mon I'm serious, April Fool's was a week ago, fuckin' gimme my foot back already. I don't wanna have to pee standing like a flamingo anymore...


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blasted char quay teow.....

Amidst the ongoing debate with Kenny boy that the blog is karat, I shall personally assure you, treasured 'angkuku' readers, that it is anything but that. We just encountered a little bit of communication problems among the moderators that's all. I thought Jinn was gonna post and he thought the other way round. Alrighty then with that out of the way, I shall embrace the task of posting about the Torquay trip. I know it's a little too late to be doing that now but I have some really cool pictures to share with you guys and as always, same old saying, better late than never. So here goes.

The OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) organized a trip to the Great Ocean Road, specifically Torquay. We had to meet up early (8am, yes to us it is very early) and yes Jinn we know that the typical ogre don't wake up early in the morning but do you wanna go or not? So we got the ogre out of the way, time to go. **Joshua the photographer guy tagged along so the "**" would be an indication that the picture was taken by him. Very good at what he does. You guys will see what I mean in a while.

See what I mean by ogres are anything but early birds?

That's our driver of the day, Aaron. Yes, Aaron we've all got our asses covered by insurance, you can let go of the hand brakes now.

Eh Kwan Chian you've got something to say?

There you go, the evergreen, universal expressive language for the deaf and the mute. Loud and clear man.. Loud and clear...

ooooo the Penang bridge~~ Eh Aaron, you drive pretty fast don't you?

** I'd hate to spoil such a beautiful artwork of the Lord but stated below, was what Yu Yee said.
Yu Yee: "Is that the border of New Zealand?"
Fai: "Go look up the word 'continent' in the dictionary and tell me what it means." =.="
We're in Australia for goodness' sake! New Zealand is like, THERE!! Go figure where.

** Another quality picture by Joshua. Give me a hand man I'm out of words here...

** By the time we were there everyone was dead hungry. Not to mention Timon and Pumba. Gollum had a yank at his favorite barracuda too.

Proceeded over to the beach nearby after makan. ooooo~~ yellow triangle... Toblerone... Heh...

Happy people on the beach. And the oh-so-familiar sight of Timon and Pumba having a go at each other. Yea he has a nipple up there. Ogres...

**44 flavors ice cream man!!! What was that you were saying? Baskin what?

** That sinister smile off his face can't possibly mean good news for you ice cream. Don't worry, I'll tell your wife and children you perished bravely before the malevolent JINN. You'll be a legend for sure.

** I had mango + watermelon and Yu Yee had passion fruit + stairway to heaven.

** Then Aaron brought us to this DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) area where brand names such as Billabong, Ripcurl, Oakley, Roxy and many more, were in abundance therefore the lack of pictures is totally understandable. We were blinded I tell you. It was an evil trick I say! An evil trick that smeared our grip on reality! (say oni la DFO still shit expensive.. bluff ppl wan)

** And there we were, at the surf shop waiting for the guys to suit up into their surfing suits. Hey, I didn't know Jinn could look so cool. *Geeez* Cracko...

** Once again, Joshua's golden touch on the camera snapper button has left me fumbling with words. form......proper sentence........... Nice picture, guy.

Mr. Potato, Ms. Applegreen Goldfish, Mr. Lalaman

Oh there they go again. This time, 'gargantuan balls' was the main theme.

Aww c'mon guys... Don't let me be the only one again...

Heh... *giggles*

What cha complaining there? They made ME monstrosities for balls and made you a mermaid. How thoughtful was that Aerial?

** To round up the day, happy people on the beach...

Hmm... Nice picture of a hibernating grizzly you have there. National Geographic might want this for their program: Nocturnal Animals.

This is the epitome of a genuine gone case. Saliva was pouring out of that mouth like wine pouring outta that bottle. You should have been there man...

Jessica (right) the grumpy sleeping tigress. She'll suddenly jolt up and go 'ROAR NGAUM ROARRR'.............................. 'huh??'...... then go back to sleep.

Eh, I thought fishes don't HAVE eyelids?! Aww poor thing... An abomination of its species... I can only fathom the suffering she goes through with those eyelids... Let's slit them off...

Ok I'm done with the Torquay trip. On a totally unrelated note, I hurt my right foot that day while playing soccer and while recuperating from it, I noticed something interesting.

See right below my ankle? That my friend, must be rotten, blasted blood clot with a slight influence of rum and ginger, mixed and mashed with raisin juice.

No idea what I'm talking about? Neither do I........