Sunday, February 18, 2007


happy happy new year,

my new year poem

Anjing pergi Babi mari,
Sini panas hari-hari,
Makan Sekali sakit hati,
Duit mahal tiga kali.

Kalau tak makan sangat hungry,
kiamsiap kiamsiap makan roti,
makan roti hari-hari,
makan sampai rindu mommy


happy new year from fai, mel, kathryn, jinn and hiresh

Monday, February 12, 2007

number 10 in melbourne

"Fai + Jinn = 10" (fai, 2007)

according to him, we look like the number 10 when standing together. As usual, im 0 and he's 1

well, nothign much to post for now, just that me and fai just got our mobile numbers

Jinn: 04 3186 6371
Fai: 04 1139 9476

just looked into mil's blog,

slowly getting homesick


Thursday, February 08, 2007

MACC Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2007

Hi all.

It's me again after a long break. Hiresh Tan that is.

I spent my last few hours in KL immersing myself in the 'above mentioned title' event. Attended this 'auspicious' ceremony with my parents and Chrissy. It was not really all that enthralling especially since the speeches were as interesting as marketing lectures; possibly less.

In fact, the first two speeches were almost too similar, if not identical. However, the speech delivered by H.E. James Wise, the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia induced a few nods and occasional smiles from the small crowd. He talked about how the relationship Malaysia and Australia share continues to improve and that he hoped the 8 winners would be ambassadors for Malaysia, encouraging students and the other folk in Australia to study and make this country a priority tourism destination respectively.

Anyway, forgive my rambling. Here are some photos that will do more talking. Enjoy, fellow Tan supporters!

James Wise, Susan Cheah ( President of Malaysia Australia Alumni Council) and seven of the eight scholarship winners * notice anything unusual about the winners?*

The photographers demanded we pretend to be mingling with each other..we were actually comparing whose cert looked the best or which had a nicer, more 'sincere' signature from James Wise.. that's the kind of thing you can expect from your future ambassadors

Me letting my father build up his network of contacts

One of theStar reporters, Elaine interviewing Chrissy and I

The funny thing is I was the only male winner out of the eight. So, it was quite depressing especially when I related it to my femlae cousin who said that the reality "exceeds expectations" in a statement in which dripped with sarcasm ( Devaser, M. 2006).

I'd like to say thanks to all those who have supported me in whatever way they have. Whether it was a pat on the back, some advice and positive words or a silent prayer, I am grateful to all of you.

This goes out especially to God, my parents, Chrissy, my fellow Tan founders, Jinn and Fai, Eu Bing, Millicent, Bernard, the Indonesian lasses and single dude (Dan), William and all others!

I bid all of thee farewell and God Speed.

Yours faithfully and sincerely,


Saturday, February 03, 2007

we're leaving, on a jet plane

6 more days to go....

kinda on the fence about leaving for melbourne. Don't get me wrong, not that I'm not looking forward to it, just that it may be too soon. Spoke to fai yesterday, he feels the same. Really feeling the pinch now

Haven't even started packing, that's bad news..............

trying to sleep alot less but that doesn't seem to work, gettin up in the middle of the day all the time.

see, i've cooked up this really bad sleeping habit where i sleep only at about 6am or after sunrise. Talking about sunrise, i owe Millicent a post about our wait for the sunrise.....hehe, sorry mil, well yeah our wait for the sunrise ended with me not being able to see it cos there was this hill blocking it...sigh, poor me

so yea, this post is dedicated to all those who WE, i.e. me, fai, kitty and mel and not forgetting, soo ching, are not able to meet up with before we go. May we meet again in the near future.

And to our friend and founder of this tan ideology, Hiresh. Though we it is unlikely that we will meet again anytime soon with you goin to Queensland, know it for sure that you'll be close to our hearts.

to kenny, though you are now in KK and we'll be leaving soon, know that you'll be missed. take care of your self.

kimmi, who have spent many joyful moments with us, continue to shine for Christ.

Mil, though it turned out that you will not be joining us there, know that you'll always be on our mind and we anxiously await the time when we come back and meet up again.

XiangYi, the assignment days, with you buzzing around, will be missed.

Irene, always, so busy, always so hectic.

John Tan, though it is only a semester since we met, it seems like i've known you for years.

Esther pester (gorc), I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS, hehe. Separation may be painful, but rest assure i'll be looking after that big baby of yours.

to our friend, Bernard who's in the states, take good care of yourself.

a special dedication to:

Adam, a friend very dear to me, i'll see your ass when i get home

On behalf of Fai, to Kenneth, childhood friend

to the both of you, though we all share the pain of separation, it is only for a while

to those who are dear to us, for those who are related, for those we have known our whole life, for those who have shared our joy, pain and laughter, and even for those we know merely by name.

Good bye, and God bless