Saturday, September 30, 2006

The monash story

W'll it's been more than 6 months since we all met in March. Monash is filled with alot of people. So, with the help of Fai's phone, lets see wat we have in Monash U

We got Jinn

We got FAi

one of the 1st things we did together lolx handing in MGW1010

Seow hui!!!!

Tammy Yanna

well me and fai used to hang out alot with tammy seow hui and yanna but then somehow things change and due to our timetable differences we see them bout once a week onie



there're lotsa shit in fai's phone with him being a camwhore. he loves taking pictures- characteristics of a LALa

hehe Elaine, Gotcha!!!

The things Fai does to Jinn

poor Jinn

and during AFW 1001 assignment 2, we met these 2 good girls
looks kind and hardworking and super keng in accounts.....looks like onie la but they are keng in accounts

Staple food during assignments


Millicent & Xiangyi

Kenny the BitchyNo5


Hello MsSam

Wendy and Kitty

Fai and Rachel

Kimberland a.k.a Kimber a.k.a Kimmi a.k.a Superstar!!!!

Cheng Wai and YO Brother!!!


<- poser+camwhore
Fai the chopstick holder


The Three Tans Unite

Stylin with kitty's shades

Peekaboo !!!

Is this my ball? lolx unforgettable bowling experience wakakakaka

FUIYO! Kathryn in a skirt!!!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Banquet

For those who have yet to catch the movie, parental advise is recommended.
3 words to be related to the show: bloodbath, draggy and slow-paced.

For jackasses like Jinn and I who have watched the show, so far we have 4 suspects in mind:

(Name list in no particular order)
1. The Emperor - He didn't actually die because he might have drank from another cup and there was no blood flowing out of his mouth so he might have been playing dead.

2. The charlainder(I'm not sure whether I spelt it right)/"sida" (KathyTanTan, 2006) - That fella is the only fella who gets to be around The Empress all the time. So who knows? She's crying and mourning there and he's aiming at her with that blade from behind.

3. The maid - She looked at Wan in a very suspicious manner when she dripped the poison into the cup. So, she's still a possibility.

4. The fishes - They were the closest to the empress so they might jump out of the water like Free Willy and flung the blade at her. Then conveniently fall back into the water. So the empress wasn't actually pointing at anyone at all. She was just dumbfounded that nobody actually killed her but she was dying.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Post for the month of September 2006

Ok ok... I know I'm such a bitch for not posting. The Tans sincerely regret creating any confusion and inconvenience amongst you treasured 'angkuku' readers. Fai Tan in particular, apologizes to you all. Itchy hands can be cured by slapping Jinn Tan's face. Anyway, let's get down to business shall we? Wait wait wait, I've got a question, why do I see people using 'anyways' instead of 'anyway'? Cos 'anyways' sounds so wrong to me and I never considered the word to be in my vocabulary albeit its popularity among the people i know. So which is it? 'Anyway' or 'anyways'? Readers of wisdom, I humbly request your appreciated aid.

Ok la ok la start la... The pictures in this particular post stretch all the way back to the 6th of September 2006. Just to refresh your memories, that was when you and I decided that it's about time we started our law assignment. (don't lie, I knew you ALL started around that point of time and you were rushing like shit ait?) "Oi bitch where're the pics?" Ok la ok la coming la diu...

Just to kick things off, Jinn Tan says hello.

Hello to you too you retarded stuck up who has got something up your as... Err, i meant mouth. Yea mouth.

2 days later, bunch of us decided to go to Sushi King cos Melissa said there was this promotion going on. Oh, but the picture above does not depict Sushi King wor... It says BAR.B.Q PLAZA. Why ah? Cos somebody didn't realize that the promotion was already over...

Those were the sushis we ate. Oh I don't say? Yes, I do... Look carefully you'll realize they're actually sushis + elements of disappointment caused by the sudden disappearance of economic/affordable, on-promotion Sushi King sushis... Haha... Joking la Mel, glad that we went there la... Nice food

Fai: Contented
Jinn: You decide la, "the face is so disgusting it can cause constipation." (Fai,2006)

Small kid asking for candy from pimp daddy.

Hah, Mil, once again please do not ignore the warning that says "we will caught you!" (GanChinChuan, 2006)

Fai Tan here seen mimicking Afro Bruce Lee Tan. Yes, I was under duress. Tremendous duress. "Fai's face cures constipation" (Jinn, 2006) so if you've got any problems with your ass, the master is always here.

5 girls + 1 guy + 1 apartment unit = that many pairs of shoes or whatever you call it. And that's not all. See those arrows there? They imply that there is another pile on the opposite side of the pathway... Crazee bitches...

Then came 11th September (more often known as 911 prior to the incident when the word 'terrorism' was registered into people's mind). Not implying anything there. It's Kimber's birthday la for goodness' sake.

You might have seen this picture on Kimber's blog but just to reiterate how good the food was at Pizza Uno, you see it again here. Chicken lasagna and something something carbonara.

...and Kenny Tan ordered hot chocolate.

In the end, Kimber was a happy girl and she volunteered for some free advertising work for Pizza Uno. You get decreased advertisement expense and increased goodwill, how neat is that?

zzzz.... sleeping cat... zzzzzzzzz

Taken prior to match between Man Utd v Arsenal and Chelsea v Liverpool. The truth speaks for itself.

Once again, the truth speaks for itself. Taken at some back alley of the streets of subang. "AIG = Arsenal Is Good" (Jinn, 2006) And I just got news, Man Utd drew 1-1 with Reading Athletics right? Aww~~

A rare glimpse of the kampung girl version of Melissa Tan. Ponytails!!

How can we ever forget our beloved ex MM shop boss?


Purple = LaLa-ness = Posers = ?? and ??

Jinn's idea of decorating your food. A corn on top of each wantan. And he says I'm stupid...

The Three Tans

Tarcian: Jinn, TGJ: Ghee, Lilo & Stitch: Kat & Mel, Wendy's Lover: ??
Jinn: "This had better stay IN your phone."
Fai: "Ooopss... Terclick..."

Girls, graceful ain't he from the side?
If you were wondering, he's still single, available and free to mingle.


We were being bitchy and we imagined that secret recipe might just cure bitchy-ness so we took a shot. Turned out to be a bitch catalyst. Sambil makan sambil bitch about others.

You finish everything THEN you stick out your tongue in disgust... Sigh, Tarcians... Oh don't worry Kat, I hereby declare that in this one case, Tarcian does not refer to you.

Unjoo. Cute big pop-out eyes.

Ok la be fair to Sheena also la put your picture here also la...